Stracta Apartments Orustustaðir



Stracta Apartments Orustustaðir offers guests two different types of apartments.
2-bedroom apartments for families or groups, and studio apartments for 2 people.

2-Bedroom Apartments

Brand new two-room apartments in South East Iceland with a spacious living room, bathroom and a fully equipped kitchenette.

The living room is beautifully furnished with a large and comfortable sofa bed. Our apartments are ideal for families, couples or a group of friends.

Studio Apartments

Brand new one-bedroom studio apartments in South East Iceland with a bathroom and fully equipped kitchenette.

Our studio apartments are beautifully furnished in a classic Nordic style and are ideal for couples or friends.

23 m² / 248 ft²
Up to 2 guests

About Us

Stracta Apartments consists of 20 self-catering apartment units in the beautiful Orustustaðir area of South-East Iceland.

The apartments are the first phase of what will be a modern and eco-friendly hotel, the second Stracta Hotel in Iceland.

The hotels are owned and operated by entrepreneur and master builder Hreiðar Hermannsson.

The buildings are reused house units from the  ATCO company Hungary that has been used on construction sites in Iceland. On building time everything was recycled possible could without compromising on modern quality and requirements in service standards. All material for concrete is taken in a mine on site, which now forms beautiful ponds and outdoor recreation area for visitors. The extra mile has been taken in energy efficiency by designing an air circle system. Using water pumps connected with built-in heat exchanger are all heat in the buildings used to the fullest. By looking into new and innovative solutions did we reduce usage of natural resources and surely got the extra mile for our common sustainable future.

The Area

Orustustaðir is known for being one of the youngest areas of Iceland, with a short history of residence 1823 – 1953.

Stracta Apartments are located on a 3,000 hectares (7,400 acres) plot of land, 10% of which is currently under forestation.

The land stretches from the famous Orustuhóll (Battlehill) by Route 1 (The Ring Road) and leads down through the areas of Brunahraun (Burn lava) and Brunasand (Burn sand) all the way down to the sea.

Orustuhóll is the main landmark in the area.

Not everyone agrees on the story behind the naming of Orustuhóll. Some say that the settlers Þorkell Alviðrukappi and Hróar Tungugoði fought at Orrustuhóll, which explains the name. But others tell and believe a story about a great battle between the hidden people (elves in Icelandic folklore), who fought at the hill before the Laki volcanic eruption of 1783.

Need assistance or information?

You can reach out to us until 23:00 (11:00 PM) by calling:

+354 851 8081