Stracta Apartments Orustustaðir



About Stracta Hótel Orustustaðir

Stracta apartments are self catering units and the first phase of an eco friendly hotel that are on the drawing table for the second Stracta hotel. The hotels are owned and operated by the entrepreneur and master builder Hreiðar Hermannsson.

The buildings are reused house units from the ATCO company Hungary that has been used on construction sites in Iceland. On building time everything was recycled possible could without compromising on modern quality and requirements in service standards. All material for concrete is taken in a mine on site, which now forms beautiful ponds and outdoor recreation area for visitors. The extra mile has been taken in energy efficiency by designing an air circle system. Using water pumps connected with built-in heat exchanger are all heat in the buildings used to the fullest. 

By looking into new and innovative solutions did we reduce usage of natural resources and surely got the extra mile for our common sustainable future.