Stracta hótel
nature resort orustustaðir

Welcome to the south coast of Iceland. Stracta Nature Resort is located amidst some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the Northern Hemisphere.

Welcome to an environmentally responsible hotel resort, a place to stay, linger on, relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Take in the 360° view, with glaciers on two sides, the weird and wonderful shapes of the inland mountain ridges, the sea and the vast, seemingly endless, deltas and black sands.

Welcome to Stracta Nature Resort, Orustustaðir.


Orustustaðir is about 3000 hectares of land that extends from Orustuhóll, over Braunahraun lava and Brunasandur and down to the sea.

Vast panoramic views and rich birdlife are prominent features of the grounds. The area is characterized by grassy meadows on a sandy soil and the groundwater level is high. Streams flow from under the lava and out to the deltas.

The vastness of Brunasandur is magnificent as is the view. The grounds span a long way from mountain to sea, and because of the flatness and uniformity of the terrain, the perception of distance is odd. If the weather allows, one may see the sea in the south, but the coastline is 10 kilometers from the edge of the lava. The mountain range is magnificent when looking inland. In the west there is a view of Mýrdalsjökull glacier, in the north Lómagnúpur and then Vatnajökull glacier. Finally the top of Hvannadalshnúkur, the highest peak of Iceland, can be seen in the east.


The 198 room hotel will be open all year around, and will be just as appealing on a cold winter day as on a bright summer night. Upon arrival, the entrances to the hotel and Ice Baths are visible. Landscaping in front of the hotel creates an interesting threshold between the entrance area and hotel area.

The atrium frames the view of Vatnajökull glacier and mount Lómagnúpur. The presence of the vast open nature is all around in the the space.

The hotel is designed with a great emphasis on giving all guests a chance to enjoy a view from their room. Most of the rooms have mountain and glacier views, the others enjoy the beautiful views of the lakes and local nature. All rooms have a balcony or a terrace.


The Nature Resort offers visitors unique experience in the local environment. Rowing on the lakes, horseback riding, trekking and cycling are among the activities available in the summer. In the winter season ice skating, cross country skiing, snowmobiling and more are added to the list.

The objective of the design of the Nature Resort is to create an environmentally friendly destination that revolves around promoting well-being. To achieve this, the design adopts an environmentally conscious approach guided by internationally recognised environmental certification systems, BREEAM and the Nordic Swan. These environmental certification systems, present scientifically based criteria covering wide a range of issues including energy efficiency, water use, health and wellbeing, pollution, transportation, materials, waste, ecology and management processes. Through ambitious goals in terms of environmental certification highest quality is provided to all users, and environmental impact is minimized. 


The Ice Baths are the first of its kind in Iceland. Bathing in cold water has been proven to have great benefits for mental and physical health.

The Ice Baths will also offer geothermal pools and steam baths with different properties and temperatures.

Guests will also be able to bathe in the cold lakes that surround the hotel, and then warm up in smaller hot pools and steam baths.


According to the masterplan of Skaftárhreppur municipality, Orustustaðir estate is defined with land use for agriculture and forestry, commercial area, water protection area and mining area. The zoning plan of Orustustaðir, validated in 2016, defines the maximum building volume, height of buildings, terms of land formation, number of parking spaces and hotel rooms ratio. The zoning plan allows for the construction of a 200 room hotel.

A variety of trails are created for riding, cycling, walking or running. The trails start at the hotel and cross the forestry and heritage site. Guests can choose between shorter and longer distances out into the vastness, depending on the activity. Landmarks and smaller resting places help with orientation and give guests the chance to take a moment in the nature.

There is a possibility of further connections through the lava to Orustuhóll. The path system ends in the southern part of the area with a viewing platform where guests can observe the quicksand or take a trip with quad bikes or motorboats to the beach.

In the future it is possible to build a neighborhood of leisure houses and cottages and a golf course on the land. The area could be planned for smaller and larger leisure plots, a service center, path system, play and recreation areas and connections to natural areas. Forestry can extend into this area for shelter formation and natural appearance.